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nuclear re-engineering

The global demand for energy isn’t slowing down. On the contrary. Emerging economies increase the use of fossil fuels while population growth and deforestation continue to exacerbate the problems.

Conservation alone isn’t a solution. All options should be on the table when tackling global climate change. This includes nuclear power.

Nature’s piece Nuclear energy: Radical reactors explores some alternatives to the traditional light-water reactor nuclear power plants.

Light-water reactors achieved their dominance not because they were best, but because they were first. Originally developed in the late 1940s as a compact power source for nuclear ships and submarines, the light-water design was adapted and scaled up during the 1950s, when the United States sought to put a peaceful face on atomic energy by creating a commercial nuclear-power industry.

If world governments can pour billions into a project like the LHC then where is the will to work together and re-engineer a power source that can move us away from climate catastrophe?

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written on March 16th, 2013 at 5:04 PM by steve

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